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Basic Hawaiian has moved to our new site.  Please visit for more information, registration and sign in.


It is still possible to sign in to Basic Hawaiian via this website but it is suggested you use our new site.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mahalo nui!


Speak Hawaiian in no time!

Our goal is to make learning how to speak Hawaiian easy and fun. As a result Basic Hawaiian is designed to be super flexible allowing you to learn practically anytime and anywhere.

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Practice culture and traditions

As you progress through Basic Hawaiian, you will visit and learn from four Kukui ʻOhana members, who will share with you their special skills and expertise as they relate to Hawaiian culture and traditions.

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Learn with family and friends

Because we know that most Hawaiian language learners prefer to learn in small groups, with and from people we like, we ask each of you to put together your own little learning ʻohana of 2 to 4 learners.

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Go mobile!

With Basic Hawaiian you can learn how to speak Hawaiian anytime, anywhere, providing you and your learning ʻohana have reliable access to a computer with Internet connection, and an iOS device to practice vocabulary.

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